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Terms and Conditions of Service

These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between you (the "client" also referred to as you/your) and Elite Carpet Cleaning ("Elite" also referred to as we/us/our) relating to the use of our website and provision of our services.

Please take some time to review these terms as your use of the Elite website or engagement of our services constitutes an agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Client Obligations

By engaging our services you agree and acknowledge that you:
  • Are authorised to use the premises and to engage Elite to provide services at the address
  • Will assist Elite by providing all appropriate information to any Elite representative at their request
  • Will accept responsibility to Elite for payment of any and all charges relating to services rendered, or any cancellation, debt collection or other fees as applicable
  • Will provide a safe working environment for any Elite representative to work in and you will advise of, and take all reasonable steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise any hazards or risks onsite

Stains and Pre-existing Damage:

Elite Carpet Cleaning and all Elite representatives agree to take due care and perform our duties to the best of our ability. However, some stains do cause permanent damage so we cannot guarantee the reversal of stains or pre-existing damage and we offer no promises that we can do so.

Wherever possible, our technicians will assess any area of concern and advise the likely outcome prior to starting. If you choose not to proceed with the treatment following advice from our technician you will only be liable for the associated call-out fee. However, if you choose to proceed with the service, you will be liable for all related costs as advised regardless of outcome.

In the case that our technician is unable to remove staining they will be happy to discuss alternative options with you.

In cases where there is pre-existing damage, underlying issues or where stains have been previously treated it is possible that cleaning the area may inadvertantly cause further damage. Any such risk may not be obvious to our technician prior to starting and all services are delivered in good faith. Therefore, you agree and acknowledge that you will not hold us liable in this regard.

In either case, your engagement of our services constitues an agreement that you will not hold us liable or withold payment for services rendered based on an unsatisfactory outcome due to stains or pre-existing/underlying damage as outlined above.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions:

Industrial cleaning solutions may be used during the cleaning process to the best judgement of our Elite representatives as required.

You agree to the application of these products as considered necessary by your Elite representative and understand that it is beyond the expertise of our Elite representatives to determine if someone may be sensitive to the application of these agents. You agree and acknowledge that Elite assumes no responsibility for any adverse reaction to any products used.

If you do not want any industrial cleaning solutions to be applied as above, you may request to have only eco-friendly products, or no cleaning products applied and it is your sole responsibility to make this choice clear to your Elite representative.

You understand and acknowledge that this may greatly reduce the likelihood of improving the appearance of staining or addressing odours and you agree that you will not hold Elite responsible in this regard.


Elite technicians will not move fragile items, electrical equipment or large, heavy items and if you choose to move these items, you will do so at your own risk.

You understand that any wooden or metal items must be kept off the carpet until it has dried completely as failure to do so may cause permanent damage to your carpet or furniture. You acknowledge and agree that if you choose to move furniture onto the carpet before it is completely dry, Elite will not be held responsible for any resulting damages.


Elite provide quotes for services based on the information that you have provided.

However, we understand that sometimes things change and we will make every effort to accommodate changes in your request.

We do this in good faith and you agree to pay any additional charges if you request your Elite technician to clean additional areas or items not included in your original quote.

You understand that if you do request additional work to be done, our technician will advise the cost for this before starting and you agree to be personally liable for all charges accrued.


By engaging our services you agree and acknowledge that you have authorised the work and accept responsibility to Elite Carpet Cleaning for payment of any and all charges relating to services rendered.

You understand that payment is to be made in full upon completion of the work unless prior arrangements have been made.

Should payment not be made on completion of services or as arranged, you will indemnify Elite for all costs and expenses incurred in recovering the unpaid monies, including but not limited to, debt collection fees.


By engaging the services of Elite Carpet Cleaning you agree and acknowledge that it is your duty to report any concerns or complaints to Elite within 48 hours of the service being completed.

This is to allow Elite the opportunity to assess the work done and address your concerns in a timely manner. If you do not contact Elite within this time, or if you do not allow Elite timely access to your property for the purposes of assessing and addressing any concerns, you understand that Elite may not be able to remedy your concerns and you agree to hold Elite harmless in this regard.

Amendment of Terms

We reserve the right to change or update these terms and conditions from time to time, as we see fit and do not have to offer any explaination for said changes.

Any such changes shall take effect immediately for any subsequent use of our website or services so it is your sole responsibility to check these terms regularly and prior to engagement of our services. 


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