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Carpet Cleaning Methods We Offer

We offer a range of cleaning methods, including steam cleaning and encapsulation cleaning and we can offer the best method to suit your needs depending on the type of carpet you have and your specific requirements.

However, in most cases we recommend steam cleaning as a first preference. This is because steam cleaning is recognised as the most thorough carpet cleaning method and it is the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and professional carpet cleaners. For this reason, steam cleaning is that method we will use unless otherwise requested or discussed.
Steam Cleaning
The steam cleaning method (also referred to as hot water extraction) involves a process where hot water and steam are sprayed into the carpet under pressure, while a vacuum system sucks this water back up along with suspended dirt particles. 

The main benefit of steam cleaning is that it is widely recognised as the most thorough cleaning method, capable of removing deep down dirt and allergens. However, it will leave the carpets slightly damp after cleaning and typically requires between 2-8 hours for the carpets to dry fully.

This is the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers (and in fact, required by some carpet warantee policies).

It is also the method we would usually recommend, especially for residential properties which tend to be exposed to a wide range of allergens (such as pet hair), and residential carpets usually have a thicker pile (which, while more luxurious, also holds more dirt).
Encapsulation Cleaning
Encapsulation cleaning uses a buffer pad, minimal water and a special chemical that binds to, and crystallises dirt particles. The chemical is applied directly to the carpet, agitated with a carpet rake and (after allowing the chemical to dwell for a short period) the technician goes over the carpet with the buffer pad which further agitates the chemical, keeps the area moist and picks up the crystallased dirt particles. 

With this cleaning method, it is the special chemical which does most of the work as it crystallises the dirt particles it comes into contact with making them easier to be picked up. However, the buffer pad may not collect all of this crystallised dirt so with this cleaning method it is recommended that the home owner vacuum the carpet the following day to remove any residual dirt after the carpet has dried.

This method drastically reduces drying time compared to steam cleaning, but really only cleans the top  surface of the carpet so it is mostly beneficial as a maintenance clean between yearly steam cleaning, or if drying time is a concern such as in some commercial premises or during colder winter months.
Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is similar to encapsulation cleaning in that it uses a buffer pad to clean the carpet, but bonnet cleaning uses even less water and the chemical action differs slightly. It is also necessary to vacuum the carpets following cleaning to remove crystalised dirt particles that have been left behind.

This is a low moisture clean that will not use much water and it will leave the carpets practically dry on completion. However, it really only cleans the top of the carpet and is not effective at removing deep down dirt.

For this reason, this cleaning method may be a good option in instances where there is a water shortage and limiting water use is important, as well as some commercial premises where extended opening hours means it is impossible to keep people off the carpet for a few hours while it dries.

We would not generally recommend bonnet cleaning for residential properties as this method of cleaning is not overly effective for residential carpets that typically have a thicker pile.


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