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We provide professional carpet cleaning services across Auckland, by qualified technicians using industrial equipment and quality products, and are even able to service sites outside of Auckland for large multi-site contracts.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will arrange for a technician to come and give you a free, no-obligation, onsite quote.

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Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to you. From our office staff who ensure smooth operations and are available to answer any questions you may have, to our qualified technicians who use a combination of their skills and experience along with top-of-the-line industrial equipment and quality products to deliver on our promise of quality workmanship.

This is not only from 9-5 during office hours, but our phones are also monitored outside of these hours by our emergency techncian so that you can always reach us if you require urgent assistance.
Booking Times

We understand the need to minimise disruption to your business operations so we are often able to work booking times around the times that best suit you, and can allocate multiple technicians to larger bookings in order to have these done as efficiently as possible for you.

We value our relationships so we will always do our best to accomodate your needs and in most cases, if you have an ongoing relationship with us we can also have a technician to you for same-day emergency service.
Safety and Security

We understand the importance of safety and security especially when it comes to your business, your staff and access to potentially sensitive areas of your premises.

We hold Health and Safety certification and our technicians have all passed security screening and are trained to conduct themselves with utmost care and discretion.

We promise that your business and your assets will be safe with us!

Pricing and Payment

We provide a free, onsite quote for all of our new commercial clients and we guarantee that we will charge exactly as quoted, and in most cases we are able to honour the same pricing for all future bookings with us.

We are also more than happy to accommodate most invoicing requests, whether you would like key personnel copied into our invoicing emails, or if you need us to set you up with a payment date to work in with your payment run - simply discuss this with us at the time of your quote.
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A Special Note on Flotex Carpets

One of the specialist types of carpet often found in commercial premises is Flotex. This is a highly durable flooring material that is quite different from traditional carpets, and as such it has specialty cleaning requirements.

Unlike other types of carpet, proper cleaning of Flotex usually requires a lot of water, heavy duty scrubbing and strictly the use of specialist Flotex cleaning chemical only as traditional carpet cleaning chemicals often cause permanent damage to Flotex. 

If maintained properly and cleaned regularly, Flotex is extremely durable and will last well even in areas of heavy use. However, it can be damaged by incorrect cleaning. It will also trap and hold onto a lot of dirt so if not cleaned regularly it will require a heavy-duty restorative clean in order to restore its good looks.

Our technicians understand Flotex and will be able to assess this for you to determine if it needs cleaning or restoration, and help you to set up a regular mainentance plan to keep your Flotex flooring looking its best for longer.
Commercial Carpets and Drying Time

Commercial carpets tend to differ from residential carpets in that they are designed with a greater focus on durability rather than luxury, so they are typically less absorbant and have a much shorter pile than residential carpets which means that they do tend to dry faster following a clean.

In general terms, we would normally allow 2-4 hours for a commercial carpet to dry fully depending on weather conditions, and if you are concerned, you can also speed this process up if you are able to run a dehumidifier or an air-conditioning unit.

However, if drying time is drying time is a great concern to you, we do offer alternative cleaning methods that will leave your carpet dryer than a standard steam clean.

If you would like to read more about the cleaning methods we offer please click Here.



Qualified Technicians
Our technicians are highly skilled, experienced and hold internationally recognised IICRC qualifications - they are experts in their field so you don't have to be!
Van-mounted and Portable Machines
We carry both van-mounted and portable machines of the highest quality so we can deliver the best results for you!
Highly Rated and Recommended
We come highly recommended by many of our clients both residential and commercial - to view our customer testimonials and independent customer reviews please click here.
Eco Friendly Product Options Available
We carry a range of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and can provide a fully eco-friendly clean if desired. Just talk with us about your concerns and requirements.


We guarantee the quality of our workmanship. If you are not completely happy with our service we will come back out and treat the area of concern free of charge*.

*Please note that due to the nature of some stains and damage, we cannot always guarantee the total reversal of damage, but we do guarantee that you will receive the highest standards of service and workmanship from qualified technicians. For more information about stains and permanent damage, please visit our stains page.

“...Elite offer a service that is “a cut above the rest”. From their reception staff through to their carpet cleaning team, they maintain a consistently high standard. They offer a prompt, reliable and totally trustworthy service...”



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