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When one of your buildings or clients suffers a water damage loss, you need a professional restoration company that will be a great representative for you, restoring your property to pre-loss damage as quickly as possible, caring for your client and communicating well with you so that you can be informed every step of the way.

Our team of IICRC qualified technicians are led by our certified Master Water Restorer making them experts that you can rely on. We have top-of-the-line measurement tools and restoration equipment for any situation, and we are on-call 24/7 to assist with a smooth, hassle-free restoration that you will be happy to put your name to.


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Assessment and Reporting

Our technicians are often the first on-site so they can make the property safe again and mitigate any further damage following a water damage loss.

At this initial visit they map the affected area, record dry standard, take moisture readings of all affected materials and start the restoration process.

This means that they can often advise many details of a loss, answer questions and make recommendations before an assessor has been able to visit the site, and in some cases they may actually remove the need for a site visit by the assessor or property manager.
Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to you and your clients.

From our office staff who ensure smooth operations and are available to answer any questions you may have, to our qualified technicians who use a combination of their skills and experience, along with top-of-the-line industrial equipment and quality products to deliver on our promise of quality workmanship.

This is not only from 9-5 during office hours, but our phones are also monitored outside of these hours by our emergency technician so that you can always reach us if you require urgent assistance.
Mitigating Damage

Our policy of prompt response and professional service by qualified technicians using quality equipment and working to industry standards, means that we can mitigate further damage and risks associated with a water loss.

In many cases, this means that we are able to restore many, if not all of the affected materials to pre-loss condition within a few days, minimising disruption and removing the need for lengthy and expensive building restoration processes.

Pricing and Payment

The cost of flood restoration is largely dependent on the extent of the damage and how quickly we can restore all affected materials to dry standard. 

Although there are many factors that effect drying time, we can give you an indication of daily cost as well as likely time-frame after our technician has assessed the area. We can also keep you informed of drying progress and cost throughout the process.

Once the restoration is complete we will provide you an invoice with a clear and consistent break-down of all costs and an accurate picture of the work that was carried out at the property.

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Extraction and Drying Affected Materials and Structure

Possibly the most important step in mitigating damage during the restoration process is the initial extraction of water and subsequent drying of affected materials.

The initial extraction is when the majority of the water is able to be removed, and the use of powerful extraction equipment and specialist tools such as carpet claws allows our technicians to remove up to 80% of the flood water during this process.

Although it is impossible to remove all of the water in this step alone, the use of quality equipment allows us to remove more water in this step, reduces secondary damage caused by water migration and condensation, and ultimately reduces drying time and associated costs.

Our technician then sets up specialist drying equipment to draw the remaining moisture out of affected materials and collect this moisture from the atmosphere (by reducing humidity).

The length of time that this takes is largely dependent on the type of affected materials and the amount, type and quality of drying equipment (with higher rated, better quality equipment being able to remove a larger amount of humidity faster). However, the true art is in having the correct combination of quality equipment set up to effectively remove excess moisture and humidity from the environment as efficiently as possible, in a controlled manner so as to not cause any secondary damage.

It is for this reason that the use of qualified, experienced technicians is vital.
Reversing the Effects of Water Damage

After we have successfully dried out the affected materials we still need to return these to pre-loss condition wherever possible.

This means that we will re-lay any carpet where it has been lifted, thoroughly clean the carpets and treat any cellulosic browning or other related staining.

We can replace underlay and smooth-edge where these have been damaged beyond repair, and in some cases we can also patch repair damaged areas of carpet where there is spare carpet available (read more about carpet repairs here).

However, the damage may not be limited to what you can see with the naked eye - a big concern in any water damage restoration is the possibility of potentially harmful microbial growth, such as mould and fungal spores that can thrive in damp conditions and become airborne, resulting in health hazards as they are inhaled.

To combat this, in any situation where microbial activity is a concern we can use a combination of powerful anti-microbial products to treat affected surfaces and air-scrubbers to remove airborne particles.

We strongly recommend the use of air-scrubbers in any water damage restoration situation, but most importantly where there is evidence of mould or there are vulnerable people such as children or elderly persons. 


Qualified Technicians
Our technicians are highly skilled, experienced and hold internationally recognised IICRC qualifications - they are experts in their field so you don't have to be!
Van-mounted and Portable Machines
We carry both van-mounted and portable machines of the highest quality so we can deliver the best results for you!
Highly Rated and Recommended
We come highly recommended by many of our clients both residential and commercial - to view our customer testimonials and independent customer reviews please click here.
Eco Friendly Product Options Available
We carry a range of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and can provide a fully eco-friendly clean if desired. Just talk with us about your concerns and requirements.


We guarantee the quality of our workmanship. If you are not completely happy with our service we will come back out and treat the area of concern free of charge*.

*Please note that due to the nature of some stains and damage, we cannot always guarantee the total reversal of damage, but we do guarantee that you will receive the highest standards of service and workmanship from qualified technicians. For more information about stains and permanent damage, please visit our stains page.

“...We began referring our clients to Elite Carpet Cleaning in 2011 and have found their service to be utterly professional. Feedback with regards to the service has always been positive. In many cases Elite Carpet Cleaning has managed to remove the need to make and Insurance Claim. However, where a Claim to the Insurer has proceeded, Elite Carpet Cleaning has always been able to provide the required information to the Insurer, in order to proceed the Claim in a 'no fuss' manner...”



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